Big Eyes Coin Has The Potential To Outgrow Litecoin And Polygon To Become The Most Viable Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market has a considerable scope. DeFi is always open to suggestions and ideas for improving the ecosystem. This industry has seen multiple cryptocurrencies. Some came with a traditional approach like Polygon, and some came due to a split in significant blockchains.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a newly announced meme token that will break all records. It is neither made with any traditional approach nor dependent on any other currency. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has unique features that pave its way to the top.

An insight into the Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin has published its whitepaper that tells us the complete plan. As part of the plan’s first stage, it conducts the seventh lap of the Presale. So far, it has seen a positive response from the people as it successfully achieved its targets.

Big Eyes Coin has raised more than 11 million USD in Presale and counting. The hype of Big Eyes Coin is due to its beautiful features, including the NFT market and hyper-growth. Also, the division of tokens is one of the kinds we have seen in the market so far.

Big Eyes Coin is here to offer two significant benefits. One, a lot of money through investment in people. Second, charity work for oceans. This cute cat loves to take care of its home, so it has decided to give 5% of the token sale to the oceans. Oceans make this world a better place to live, so a change is necessary to take care of them. This change comes from Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Big Eyes Coin is destined to compete with many big names in this industry, and rightly so; it has the potential to do so. Big Eyes Coin has announced a unique type of NFT market in its ecosystem.

It will invite third parties to use this cute cat and offer NFTs never seen before. Successful NFT holders will get to be part of an exclusive club, The Sushi Crew.

Non Fungible tokens are a must-have thing nowadays for every currency. This is the reason Big Eyes Coin is mainly focused on NFTs. With the help of NFTs, it will ensure the hyper-growth of the setup. Hypergrowth comes with the self-propagation of NFTs. This feature will help Big Eyes Coin to grow in a short time.

Big Eyes Coin is a newly launched currency, but people’s confidence in this currency looks very old. You must be wondering how Big Eyes Coin has gained so much people’s confidence. It was due to the verification by CoinSniper. Solidity Finance audits it, and CoinSniper has approved its smart contract test.

How was Litecoin established?

Litecoin came into existence with the fork in the mainnet, Bitcoin. It is also referred to as the Lite version of Bitcoin. It remained a testnet for Bitcoin but later developed as the finest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Litecoin wants to become a daily transaction medium as it provides quick transactions.

At its peak, Litecoin remained the third-best cryptocurrency in the world. It follows the Proof of Work Scrypt algorithm for better functionality.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is one of the finest crypto ideas in this world. It is called the Ethereum internet of blockchains. Polygon provides interoperability to all the projects based on Ethereum.

It complies with ERC20 token standards, making it an easy source of fee payment. It uses a modified form of staking consensus. Polygon is ranked 10th best in the world according to market capitalization.

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