Bringing NFTCommunity Together With FuzzyOcean Multichain Marketplace

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

We at FuzzyOcean believe in collaborative growth. With this vision in mind we have created the new age multichain NFT marketplace with the objective of creating a diversified and mutually supportive NFT Community which comes on board from various blockchains with a collective mission of making the NFT domain powerful. The core idea is rather than communities competing they come together to create an environment conducive for expanding NFT adoption.

We feel, new age NFT marketplace must enable users to create, buy, sell, swap, and farm NFTs across multiple chains. The FuzzyOcean multichain NFT marketplace thus has a shop front that is very simple to use and users should be able to access all the required details about NFTs very easily. We believe that a multichain NFT marketplace will become successful only when the learning curve for the traders is almost flat and for that we have made the UI very simple to use. The storefront enables users to check the uniqueness of the NFT, with enough search and filter options provided to the users, it enables a quick and easy selection of NFTs for trades. The platform is secure and integrated multichain wallets like Vision, Metamask, TronLink etc. These wallets (especially Vision App) are capable of supporting multiple NFT standards. 

One of the most important considerations of an NFT marketplace is that it should support multiple modes of payment both for buyers and sellers. It includes both fiat and multiple cryptocurrency payments, thus increasing accessibility into the NFT ecosystem; It simplifies the process of trading multiple-blockchain NFTs within a unified platform. This is one aspect we are working aggressively to make the platform usability wholesome.

Check out Fuzzy Ocean at: FuzzyOcean – NFT Marketplace 

We have already gone live with TRON, BSC, POLYGON and ETHEREUM, with many more blockchain integration in pipeline.

Salient Features of FuzzyOcean:

  • Multichain NFT platform and token.
  • Low trade fee of only 1.9%.
  • Supports Royalty for artists.
  • Launchpad for new series.
  • 80% revenue share with $FUZZY token holders.
  • Decentralized decision making with DAO structure.
  • More chains coming up.
  • NFT staking support. 


We started the journey in September 2022 by opening up our social media channels and deploying the codes for a solid NFT marketplace. We also applied for TRON Grand Hackathon S3 (check us out at: ).

So far we are on track with our roadmap; having recently deployed the marketplace on multiple blockchains. What’s coming up next is that we will connect the marketplace with Fuzzy Ocean gallery in the Metaverse to showcase top projects and to give visibility to LaunchPad projects.
Also we will be offering a lot of extra services for launchpad projects to help new projects get exposure and visibility. Post Launchpad we will expand our services to include many more blockchains.

Tokenomics and PreSale

The total supply is 1,250,000,000. The team, partner and investor share is distributed over a period of 10 years and the price for Pre-sales is $ 0.01.

The high level Tokenomics are described here:

To participate in the presale :

Scan QR or send USDT to: 

#TRON: TAe2d2tTUSpsHQf5wwJzXvKa2zNfGdGUr8 

#ETH #BSC #MATIC : 0x35D18F6B39A6738D69CCEc9bC574d06d145B4784

You will receive your $FUZZY Tokens within 24 hours!

FuzzyOcean DAO:

We start centralized but by giving out dividend generating tokens to users to the platform, we want to gradually grow into a platform owned and managed by the community by giving token holders with a minimum amount of tokens the right to be part of Fuzzy Ocean DAO. Further 80% of trading fee revenue generated by the platform is shared with $FUZZY holders thus making them co-owners of the platform.

To ensure smooth functioning of the DAO we will be collaborating with individuals and organizations of repute within the crypto industry and appoint them as DAO Coordinators! As of now we have already appointed:

  1. Line Hammet and Monster from Tronbies project.
  2. TuruGlobal team; the creators of TuruVerse project.

Industry Collaborations:

We will also be having a verified section in the platform highlighting collaboration partners. They will be featured in our Metaverse gallery as well. So far our collaboration includes the following projects:

Visit the below links to know more:

Discord Channel: FuzzyOcean 

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