By Providing Fun And Utility, Big Eyes Coin, Deserves To Be On Par With Ethereum, And Eos’ Mass Adoption

Meme coins did not join the crypto industry until 2013 when Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched as a parody of the strictness that is often attributed to mainstream currencies. Meme coins came in as a means to create flexibility, fun, and spontaneity. Since Dogecoin (DOGE), numerous meme coins have trooped into the industry hoping to add their fun twists. But not so many of them have been able to balance out fun and utility; as a result, they crash and fold up. Due to this, people have mostly withdrawn the support they have for this genre of coins.

However, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is on a mission to change this approach and present meme coins as the best thing in the industry. By combining fun, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is set to prove that crypto can exist alongside fun without one canceling out the other. A lot of crypto enthusiasts and analysts are hopeful that Big Eyes will achieve immense post-presale success. The presale is almost over but Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) popularity isn’t and after it debuts officially, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will show the world the stuff meme coins are made of.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Are Made Better With Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Striking a balance between fun and utility is essential to the development and growth of any meme coin. But most meme coins have repeatedly failed at this which has resulted in creating a bad reputation for this small and underrated community in the industry.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is however coming in with a mind-blowing approach to resolve this and make meme coins great again. First, it plans to educate people on Decentralized Finance by providing resources about it on the network. This will hopefully be done in a fun and non-complicated way so that people can learn faster and also retain what they have learned.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is incorporating some elements of fun in all aspects of the ecosystem. As a result, during the NFT events, alongside the NFT display, there will also be competitions and giveaways. The Big Eyes project understands the benefits of good marketing and influencing; due to this, the creators are partnering with popular influencers on social media to lead Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to its full potential. When you use exclusive code Ocean179 when purchasing in the presale, you can gain BIG extra bonuses and content!

Create Personalized Tokens With Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is an open-source network that allows developers to build their Decentralized Applications (dApps) effectively without any hicks. Ether (ETH) functions as the Ethereum platform’s native token that allows users to have access to smart contracts and dApps without the risk of fraud and control. Smart contracts are an important part of the Ethereum network as they give users the opportunity to copyright their creations and applications successfully. These contracts are self-executing and do not require the involvement of a third party.

On the Ethereum blockchain, individuals can create personalized tokens for their networks. However, the downside of Ethereum is the slow transaction speeds. Ethereum is only able to turn out 15 transactions in seconds. With the ETH token, users can pay their gas fees, and create dApps, NFTs, and games.

Eos (EOS): Providing Alternative to Web Apps for Business Holders

Eos is a network that plans to be one of the most powerful blockchain platforms that allow the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. EOS is the native currency of this platform and it is capable of performing millions of transactions per second with zero transaction fees to receive or send the token.

The Eos network uses a web toolkit for declarative permission, self-describing database schemas, and interface development. Eos directly rivals Ethereum and it has the upper hand due to its high scalability. With Eos (EOS), users can create blockchain applications for their businesses instead of web apps.

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