Cardano NFTs Are Making A Splash; Here’s Why

Cardano-driven NFTs are turning heads as one popular crypto youtuber called it best on the crypto verse. The previous day, Pieter Nierop, the owner/operator of the ADA staking pool “Cardano Fans,” discussed how well-liked NFT projects are on platform.

A few months ago, Justin Williams, Vice President of NFT Development at Hit Network, noted that Cardano-based NFTs appeared to be faring better than their Ethereum equivalents in the current bear market.

Additionally, on June 9th, 2022, Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of IO Global [also known as “IOG,” formerly known as “IOHK”], spoke with Yahoo Finance and stated the following,

One surprising area of growth on Cardano is in the NFT space. About 40% of all the applications that are being deployed are NFT-related… About $270 million a month in NFT volume. So, $3 billion a year, and there’s tons of incredible work in the metaverse space, like Cornucopias and others, and it’s really impressive to see how fast it’s grown in just the last year.

After implementing network enhancements to support the sector, the ADA network is still growing in popularity in the unique digital collectibles space.

Cardano NFTs Are Making A Splash; Here’s Why 3

A non-fungible token collection that aspires to connect the analogue and digital worlds just received funding from The Cardano Foundation. The collection is known as Etter Edition 01 NFTs and was created by Christian Etter and Alexander Brunner.

Cardano Reveals Exclusive NFT Collection 

According to a press release, the collection will be hosted on the PoS blockchain by Swiss-based minted Web3 infrastructure provider NMKR. The ability to exchange digital items for actual ones is one of this collection’s distinctive characteristics.

Proponents believe this development will provide a much needed impetus to the Cardano blockchain in hosting non-fungible tokens on the platform. It also helps the network to level up its competition further with its biggest rival Ethereum.

The project also demonstrates how Cardano might make it easier to create NFTs while also offering other cutting-edge metadata features.

The users’ ability to utilise any money to pay for NFTs is another intriguing aspect. The PoS blockchain network’s excellent interoperability capabilities are demonstrated by this, experts claimed.

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