‘CrazySuitcases’ NFT Collection to Launch on Dec. 9

“CrazySuitcases,” a collection of suitcase NFTs, is set to have its public mint on Dec. 9. There are a total of 10,000 NFTs in the collection. Minting will begin at 4 p.m. UTC. Interested buyers must pay 0.03 Ethereum in order to purchase a suitcase NFT.

Those who purchase NFTs from the collection and become holders will enjoy some pretty cool perks. These include NFT giveaways, Ethereum giveaways, and even a collection of stamps that can be attached to the suitcases to increase their value.

“CrazySuitcases” joins other NFT collections that will have their public mints on Dec. 9. Another example of an NFT collection that will be launched on the said date is “Farmers of Avax.”

‘CrazySuitcases’ NFT Collection Drops on Dec. 9


“CrazySuitcases,” a collection of 10,000 suitcases NFTs, is launching on Dec. 9. The public mint will begin at 4 p.m. UTC. Each suitcase NFT can be minted for 0.03 Ethereum (ETH).

The collection of suitcase NFTs joins the list of NFT collections that will be launching on Dec. 9. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, other NFT collections scheduled for public minting on the aforementioned date include “Castle Kid” and “Farmers of Avax.”

Being a holder of one of the suitcase NFTs in the collection has its perks. According to the “CrazySuitcases” official website, the developers will be doing giveaways that will award ETH to random NFT holders. There will also be a giveaway of more suitcase NFTs.

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Collection of Stamps

The developers of the NFT collection are also planning to create a stamp collection for the suitcase NFTs. Each stamp will cost 0.01 ETH though the price is subject to change, according to the official website.

The stamps can be attached to the suitcase NFTs and therefore increase its value. “Thus, if you have a rare suitcase and there are rare stickers on it, then this suitcase will become even more valuable,” according to the official website.

Holders will also have the option to exchange their suitcases for three stamps. However, stamps cannot be exchanged for suitcases.

Other Examples of NFT Collections

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have become very popular within the past year. Multiple NFT creators have come up with numerous NFT collections that have taken inspiration from people, mythological characters, animals, and even objects.

A popular NFT collection is “Bored Ape Yacht Club.” In September, a “Bored Ape Yacht Club” NFT sold for a record-breaking $2.9 million.

Another popular NFT collection is “CryptoPunks.” According to a previous report here on Tech Times, the highest value a “CryptoPunks” NFT has even sold for is $11 million.

Even celebrities have released their own NFT collections. For example, football great Lionel Messi announced his NFT collection in August. The collection, known as “The Messiverse,” has four unique artworks.

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