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CROGE NFT Marketplace

The CRONOS Chain, operated by are now releasing some of the best and most innovative Non-Fungibles in Cryptocurrency at the moment

Croge have been nothing but helpful since our project was conceptualized. It’s great to see amazing projects with reputable owners taking the time to help those who are just launching their projects”

— Ian Cawrey

LONDON, KENT, UNITED KINGDOM, July 2, 2022 / — On a cold Saturday morning in London, with markets across the globe experiencing extreme fear, due to inflation as well as other macro-economic issues, it would be easy to think that there aren’t many opportunities to find a “Diamond in the rough” While some people are sitting on their assets and waiting for an indication as to where markets are heading, others are looking to align with projects who are building and innovating, despite the “bear market” that we find ourselves in.

Crolon Mars launched on the Cronos Chain (The blockchain owned by and despite their recent launch (The project is approaching 3 weeks old) they are already making a great impression amongst investors and other project managers and owners. With a progressive chart, great community around them and astute operators and business managers behind the scene, it’s easy to see the reason for their success.

Their latest success is the Crolon Mars NFT Platform, which is created, hosted and maintained by the team, with several successful audits already completed, signed off and release to investors. Not only is the platform slick, responsive and easy to use. The NFT’s which are available are already becoming a collectors item within the Cronos Chain and beyond!

Then we move on to the behemoth that is Croge Coin. Launched in March to much aplomb, Croge are already the go to cryptocurrency within the Cronos Ecosystem, with their “P2E Game” Croge River already providing hours of fun for both investors and the general public alike. They also have a “BSC-CRO” Bridge which is already serving as a great asset within the Cronos Ecosystem, as well as a listing with “XY Finance” whom are seen by many as a safe and secure exchange, capable of cross chain transactions in an instant!

But today we are here to talk about NFT’s, with Croge Coin already minting their NFT’s which are already a regular site across social media, with many users flocking to include their Croge NFT as their profile picture or cover photo. The guys are Croge are always looking to give back to their investors as well, with competitions and giveaways daily! Croge have already partnered with stars such as; Marcelo Brozovic & Ian heinisch who are at their top of their respective fields currently.

With the NFT’s minting now and already selling extremely well, it’s no surprise to se the Croge Coin team also nominated for an award in “The best Crofam NFT Project” category.

With Non-Fungibles here to stay and a demand greater than ever, it’s no surprise to see the talented project performing well in their own right and leading the way for even the larger projects. Here at RMT, we are happy to be patient and even happier to be able to discover and speak about great projects and the great teams and people who make them work and operate.

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