“Cryopunks NFT Collection announces first winner in their $100k in BNB Giveaway

Cryopunks $100k In BNB Giveaway NFT Collection

Cryopunks Minting Daily

Cryopunks Minting Daily

The Cryopunks Team

The Cryopunks NFT Team

I randomly bought 2 today because Joey was talking about staking them and the 2nd one just happened to be one lucky Stevie”

— Danny – First Cryopunks Winner

ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cryogen the block-chain development company known for creating useful block-chain applications has announced that they have had the first of 40 winners for their popular NFT collection: Cryopunks. Cryopunks is a collection of 10,511 uniquely generated non-fungible tokens. Cryopunks offer monthly staking rewards just for owning them along with the chance of winning an equal part of the $100,000 in BNB attached to the collection.

Cryopunks are deployed on the Binance Chain with close to 400 minted at the time of this article. To win, one must only mint a Cryopunk wearing the Cryogen logo t-shirt (There are only 40 total). The first lucky winner happened at mint #371. It was minted by a long time holder and active telegram member that already has dozens of Cryopunks, since they are not only very collectible they also pay earnings monthly.

“Each Cryopunk is unique, there are no two alike and our community is in love with their Stevies.” explained CEO and lead developer at Cryogen Joey Stubblefield. Mr. Stubblefield is alluding to the backstory of Cryopunks. It goes back to their first of many projects, Cryoweb. Cryoweb is a place to memorialize your lost loved ones forever on the block-chain with pictures and memories left by family and friends. From this, Cryogens first NFT Collection pays homage to Steve Jobs, hence the total mint supply of 10,511 which is Steve Jobs date of death (10/5/11). Faint resemblances can be seen in each Cryopunk. It is a very detailed 8-bit collection of culturally and ethnically characters on par with some of todays top inclusive NFT Projects. Cryopunks manages to include the full spectrum of the world and culture that Steve Jobs touched with his inspiration and leadership.

The minting dApp, which was open sourced from the popular hashlips method, has been steadily churning out Stevies all over the world. Many of their telegram members use their Cryopunks as their profile picture on many of todays social media platforms. With that, Stevies are around the globe and growing daily, even in this dramatic crypto market. Many of the holders have multiples, since Cryopunks earn a monthly allowance airdropped directly to the holders wallet on the 15th of every month. This is referred to as “Stevies Pay”. To date with only a small percentage of the entire collection actually minted, Cryogen has issued total payments of over $5,000 just in Stevie pay to the holders of Cryopunks.

Cryopunks began life actually on Polygon network. The brain-child of Mr. Stubblefield and Cryogens NFT Director, Noah Barend, Cryopunks came to life over a span of 6 days of constant coding by the two forward thinking entrepreneurs. Over time, both realized that most of their holders were more familiar with BNB, so the decision to migrate to BSC (Binance Smart-Chain) was made. The migration was successful and also allowed the easy monthly distribution of the Stevie pay in Cryogens native token (CRYOGEN) without using a token bridging function. Along with this, the team decided to go full Binance and adjust the crypto prize from Bitcoin (BTC) to Binance (BNB). 39 winners are left, randomly spread out through the collection and each of those are worth $2500 in BNB.

Cryopunks have a set price of 0.1 BNB each, so depending on the price of BNB they can be quite affordable. More information can be found on the official Cryopunks website: ( https://cryogen.life/cryopunks )

About Cryogen

Cryogen is a U.S.-based company that develops utilities for the benefit of regular non-crypto consumers,

as well as current cryptocurrency investors. Cryogen’s team has more than 30 years of combined online development knowledge. The company’s vision is based on being part the crypto revolution by providing useful utilities.

For more information, visit www.cryogen.life/cryopunks.

Joey Stubblefield
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Cryopunks $100k BNB Giveaway NFT Collection

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