Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For Before The Next Bull Run Arrives

Every day, new tokens are being introduced in the crypto market. Each project has a specific idea that is used to attract people to it. People going for a unified idea tend to become a strong community that hikes up the price of a token. There are hundreds of coins, most of which have strong fundamentals and a community to back them.

This article narrows down three such digital currencies. Polygon (MATIC) helps developers scale Ethereum (ETH) and create decentralized apps (dApps) with better infrastructure. Flow (FLOW) is a developer-friendly platform used as a foundation for next-gen games, apps and more, and the Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a meme coin with ground-breaking concepts and goals.


Get Rid Of Complex Blockchains With Polygon

MATIC is a simplified scaling solution for fast, cheap, and reliable usage of ETH smart contracts. Polygon (MATIC) itself is created on the ETH blockchain and aims to provide a scaling solution for it. If you have a slow-working dApp on ETH, try using MATIC for a better outcome. It provides the ETH holders with an alternate way to make transactions without overburdening the parent blockchain.


Thousands of apps and projects are hosted on ETH, and MATIC has been a fine addition to address the issues people faced in the past. Due to its high use case, MATIC has a market cap of just below $7Bn. With more than $8Bn tokens in circulation, MATIC ranks in the top 15 cryptocurrencies per CMC.

Go With The Flow

Dapper labs created FLOW to overcome the problems it faced while using the ETH platform for its game. It has employed a multi-node architecture so that a single node handles one type of transaction. It offers smart contracts written in easy-to-understand languages. If we compare it to ETH, it has a better infrastructure and efficiency.

FLOW is specifically for developers who want to scale their apps without obstacles. Like many other coins, FLOW recorded its All-time high in April last year at $46.16, according to CMC. It has a market cap of over $1Bn and is currently present in the top 50 cryptocurrencies of all time.


What Is The Vision Behind Big Eyes Coin?

Unlike other meme coins, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has the vision to save one of the most vital components on Earth, The Ocean. Its developers took a huge risk by introducing a meme coin never seen before. Its logo comprises a cute cat with big eyes from which it got its name. After its success, we might see new projects copying it, like the list of dog meme coins.

It has the aim to provide its holders with the opportunity to accumulate more wealth through the de-fi system. The BIG coin holders will have access to an exclusive NFT collection of different cats, exclusive content, and contests. Also, holders will have the right to vote on important matters. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) currently offers 4117 tokens per USDT in the fifth stage of the public presale.

As Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently in presale, you can only get its tokens from its website. Visit its simple and easy-to-navigate website. Press the Buy button to see a few stats about their ongoing sale. Now connect your wallet and buy as many BIG coins as you want.


Final Thoughts…

It is not every day a newly introduced crypto project gets this much hype. People are continuously buying into the opportunity as it has already raised over $11Mn. What are you waiting for? Join the crypto hype today and make life-changing investments.


For more information on Big Eyes (BIG), you can visit the following links:




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