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New York, NY, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) What Is DoRac? Fresh into the Metaverse gaming scene is DoRac, one of the first Metaverse space Play-to-Earn crypto games. Almost complete with the first phase of their roadmap, the team at DoRac aim to have full smart NFT integration, viewable races and competitive racing championships with much more in the pipeline.

With a planned IDO in Q3 of 2022, DoRac’s gameplay is based around dog racing where users will raise, breed and train their pack to beat their opponents in competitions and races, such as the first anticipated Derby 100k Grand Prix in Q4 of 2022.

The DoRac gaming experience differs from simple point and clicks racing games which have diluted the crypto gaming market, offering a unique MMORPG roaming experience via the DoRac Metaverse alongside competitive racing and training.


With their IDO planned for Q3, DoRac will have a super small market cap at launch, offering investors a massive opportunity during and after their IDO as they will be listed on Pancake swap and price aggregators CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Within their ecosystem are two prominent tokens:

  1. Native Token $DORC 

Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSc), $DORC is the native token of DoRac and deflationary in nature, used to train and feed your dogs and even compete in races. $DORCs initial circulating market cap is estimated at $70,000 with a max supply of 1.5 billion tokens. 

  1. Utility Token $DRT

Working in conjunction with their native token will be $DRT, partly used to cover dog breeding fees whilst doubling as a token used for free race entries and race rewards. 

Both tokens will be essential to participating in the DoRac metaverse and the amble activities and services which follow. To learn all about token taxes, supplies and burns, read their in-depth whitepaper here.


Built by Unity game engine, DoRacs gameplay is focused around dog breeding, training and racing. Competing with their own NFT verified dogs, players will compete in daily races, tournaments and even championships scattered across the DoRac Metaverse.

Access to the DoRac metaverse will be through a Doracian ID or being a visitor. Visitors will not have complete access to the Metaverse, but can still participate in races. 

By partnering with gaming guilds such as Triple Crown, BreedFi and AxB guild, the DoRac metaverse is all but guaranteed a steady player base on release which will bolster their economy and competition in races.

Dog races will see 8-12 dogs racing each other in a bid for the win. Every virtual dog will be their own ‘Smart NFT’, each one with their unique attributes

Each race will be won or lost based on three factors:

  • RNG technology
  • Each dog’s physical attributes such as weight, agility, stamina and luck.

(Three more physical attributes are currently being worked on, which will directly affect a dog’s performance whilst racing)

  • Each player’s strategic approach to the ‘extra stamina’ usage system, providing an extra layer of complexity to the game.

Races will constantly be happening throughout the metaverse, with daily $DRT and $DORC races along with consistent championships. 

Moving away from traditional NFTs, DoRac dogs will be their own ‘Smart NFTs’, which will allow each dog’s attributes to be altered based on training and racing without having to be re-minted. Not only will this save massively on gas fees, it will simplify ownership, breeding and training of each dog. 

Their metaverse is the backbone of the DoRac ecosystem, providing a virtual world for users to breed, train and race their dogs. The metaverse will have its own roam element, providing an MMORPG type feel to the game with interactive quests and adventures.

The metaverse will be littered with community-engaging content such as leaderboards for the fastest track times, side-quests and of course other players.


With ample deflationary mechanics, a unique NFT system and guaranteed players through their partnered guilds, we can’t wait for the release of DoRac, can you?


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