Dogeliens presale looks promising, while Solana and Dogecoin pump seems to be on the Rise

The year has been quite unstable for many cryptocurrencies, but the volatility somewhat got even more alarming in October and November when the Feds released news of increasing interest rates to a .75%. From 0.25. Although the cryptocurrency market is known to be decentralized, it remains a fact that it can be influenced by centralized factors like increased rates and inflation. Although not as much as centralized financial systems.

However, despite the instability, cryptocurrencies are beginning to witness notable price shifts. In the past week, Dogecoin(DOGE) led the bullish momentum for meme coins, pulling Shiba Inu, ApeCoin, and a few others along. Bitcoin marks a multi-month high at $21,500, and Solana has shot up to $40. Altcoins are beginning to see some subtle increase, and now could be the time to review your cryptocurrency portfolio.

On the other hand, Dogeliens(DOGET) is a new cryptocurrency looking promising in its presale stage. Suppose you’re looking to add a new cryptocurrency with low entry. It could be a profitable buy for you to consider adding to your portfolio.

Solana(SOL) and Dogecoin(DOGE)

Solana(SOL) is a third-generation blockchain network famous for its scalability and low-cost transactions. The system was built to overcome the hurdles of scalability, high gas fees, and every other thing attached. The Solana network led the wave of the Solana NFT summer in 2021, with projects like DeGods, Catalina whales, Hawksight, and so many others that did numbers and generated a lot of profits for minters and owners at the time.

Although the NFT bubble is down considerably, Solana remains one of the leading blockchain networks where creators can build their businesses on a scalable ground. Solana is among the top performers in the market as the network after Google’s recent announcement that it ran a validator node on the network. Projects like Solana and Polygon have set a precedent for renowned cooperation and collaborations with the web2 space, and the google announcement is one of the many we’ve seen in the landscape.

Dogecoin(DOGE) is a first-generation meme coin and a top performer in the cryptocurrency market. Following several cases of Elon musk endorsing the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has seen a tremendous increase over the years, leading to the bull market rally of 2021. The same can be said for this year, as the meme coin was the first to show some strength following the news about Elon Musk acquiring Twitter.


Dogeliens(DOGET) is a new cryptocurrency looking to bring money to DeFi and generate wealth for its users. It is a meme coin project that intends to follow the footstep of Shiba by creating a DeFi meme coin for users. Although DOGE inspired the meme coin project, it intends to outdo the framework laid down by the first-generation meme coins in creating a utility meme coin for users. Dogeliens wants to launch on the binance smart chain and leverage the network’s scalability.

Dogeliens(DOGET) is a meme coin with DeFi solutions, smart contract functionalities, and a decentralized framework for its community. Dogeliens might seem like another regular meme coin, but with the network’s offerings, it is safe to say that the project is miles ahead of other meme coins in the market. The new meme coin project is growing on presale, and the token is selling at rocket speed. Buying early offers investors the opportunity to buy at an early stage, below the market price, and sell for profit, even if they intend to sell immediately after launch. The DOGET token can be gotten on presale here. Click the link to buy yours.

Dogeliens (DOGET)




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