Ganja Guruz Aims To Unseat NFT Blue Chip Collections Like DeGods And CloneX

Despite the general market weakness, NFT collections remain quite popular among many blockchain enthusiasts and investors. Blue-chip collections like DeGods and CloneX keep fighting the slowdown, but newer projects like Ganja Guruz threaten their long-term viability. Here’s why Ganja Guruz may unseat NFT blue-chip collections like DeGods and CloneX.

Are Blue-Chip Collections Losing Ground?

DeGods collection is one of the top Solana projects, while the CloneX collection is Metaverse-ready – but how suitable are they for beginners? Thanks to the booming NFT industry, blue-chip collections are known for their high floor price and popularity among celebrities. 

Unfortunately, in 2022, the crypto market had to resist a very harsh climate. The recent FTX collapse was yet another reason for NFT and crypto holders to shudder in the icy crypto market. While blue-chip collections like DeGods and CloneX may bounce back, the market is considerably weakened. 

It is no wonder that investors and crypto enthusiasts are tirelessly looking for projects with more than just fame keeping their prices up – crypto projects with real-use cases are now in demand. One project that could resurrect crypto portfolios is BudBlockz and its Ganja Guruz NFT collection. 

What Is BudBlockz and Why Is Ganja Guruz Booming?

BudBlockz is a decentralized platform rooted in the cannabis industry. Ranging from entrepreneurs to cannabis firms and weed consumers, anyone joining this platform plays a key role in enhancing global acceptance, market access, and education in the marijuana industry. 

Essentially, users of BudBlockz can buy the native token, BLUNT, which can then be spent in several ways. BLUNT holders can stake, vote, receive rewards, and sign petitions.

Apart from peer-to-peer, encrypted weed transactions, the token holders can also buy one of the 10,000 Ganja Guruz NFTs. This collection is weed-centric, and holders of these NFTs can become fractional owners of weed businesses all around the world and receive automated membership in weed dispensaries. 

Perhaps one of the main growth opportunities for the Ganja Guruz NFT holders is the fact that the platform is not only for users – but also for investors who want to take part in this booming industry. So far, analysts have positively assessed this platform for its future growth potential, its rigid security measures, and multiple ways to earn passive income. 

In an ocean of meme coins and pixelated NFTs, Ganja Guruz comes with real-world applications and many perks for its holders. It positions itself as the backbone of the global weed industry, which is expected to reach about $200 billion by the end of the decade, up from an estimated market value of only $27 billion in 2022. 

Bottom Line

The crypto industry is weakened, but a surge is anticipated in the near future. Does Ganja Guruz have all it takes to unseat NFT blue-chip collections like DeGods and CloneX? Time will tell, but with plenty of earning opportunities, global support, and broader legalization of marijuana, the Ganja Guruz NFT collection could be one of the few projects that will keep the market alive despite the dip in 2022. 

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