Introducing Rad Rabbits: The Hand-Drawn Rabbit NFT Collection Designed to Spread Joy and Creativity

The unique project will launch its first series of personalized rabbits on April 11, 2022, with a new series being released on the 11th of every month.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 / — The creators of Rad Rabbits are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its unique new NFT collection.

Rad Rabbits is an exclusive and limited NFT collection made up of 1,111 hand-drawn Rabbit collectibles spreading creativity and joy throughout the universe, cryptoverse, and Metaverse.

The idea behind the project, is that like snowflakes, no two Rad Rabbits are alike. Each Rabbit is a “1-of-1” NFT that is custom-designed and hand-drawn without any computer-generated imagery.

“We all are different and have special characteristic traits and that’s what makes us ‘Rad,’” says Ellie Burnett, Founder and Creator of Rad Rabbits.

“Not only that, but Rabbits symbolize good fortune, wealth, and procreation. Unlike other animals, the Rabbit has a consistent meaning in nearly every culture. While each Rad Rabbit has its own personality, they all take pride in spreading good fortune, success, wealth and creativity.”

To ensure uniqueness and rarity of the project’s characters, each Rabbit comes with a exclusive items, such as the original hand-drawn sketch, and other content that only belongs to the owner. The NFT is also an entry into the official Rad Party in Los Angeles in 2023.

One main future goal of the project is expanding the 2D Rad Rabbits into the Metaverse within the next year into ‘The Warren.” A warren is a rabbit ecosystem where the species live. Rad Rabbits plans to digitalize this world, creating a Web3 space where collectors can jump down the rabbit hole and interact with other Rabbits and NFT collectors.

The first series of Rad Rabbits’ NFT collection will officially launch its first series on April 11, 2022. It will then launch a new series on the 11th of every month, with the last launch in January of 2023.

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About Rad Rabbits

Rad Rabbits was founded by Ellie Burnett, a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, along with an Associate of Arts in Merchandising and Marketing. Since graduating, she has assisted fashion designers and brands, along with high-profile stylists on music videos and photoshoots. Ellie has created a startup beauty and lifestyle brand which is her other passion. Ellie currently works for LaneAxis where she oversees design.

Ellie created Rad Rabbits in collaboration with an artist to create something unique, innovative, and something that spreads joy and positivity to all. With a goal to create something where everyone felt included, she aimed to create a project that stands on people being unique just the way they are.

Please visit us on our social media: Discord: Twitter: @radrabbits_nft or Instagram: @radrabbitsnft

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Rad Rabbits
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