KOLO MARKET enters the crypto industry with exclusive features and stunning performances

KOLO.Market – a platform for classical NFT music work. The platform establishes Metaverse Concerts and invites well-known music celebrities.

In 2022, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) conquered the music industry. Due to the new technology, hundreds of artists and musicians have generated millions of dollars by selling tokenized versions of their songs, digital art, or bundles of virtual and real-world things.

NFTs and fan tokens have the potential to transform the music industry entirely. The founders saw a significant shift in how musicians create music and interact with their audience online. KOLO.NFT will regularly invite well-known music celebrities to hold “Metaverse Concerts.” Music-NFT is regarded as an admission ticket to the concert, and many rewards will be obtained while enjoying the music. Users will meet and engage with some of the greatest classical music artists in the metaverse and be part of their legacies. 

The Inception of KOLO.MARKET.

KOLO. Market – a platform for classical NFT music work, it is a unique NFT platform with the team in Singapore. Partnership with: “Naxos” Group, the leading classical music group/ label globally, has won many awards like Grammys and BBC Magazines. Shareholders like Kuke Music are also US listing companies. 

At this stage, most of the works are selected from the libraries of Naxos, Marco Polo, Capriccio, Grand Piano, Ondine, Orfeo, and other internationally renowned classical record labels. It gathers music works of more than 9,000 artists from the Middle Ages to the modern times and covers various musical genres, including classical, jazz, world, soundtrack, and new century music. The total number of recordings is nearly 3 million.


The music NFT issued by the KOLO platform is based on the current music works, which are decentralized, traceable, and non-tamper able attributes of the blockchain. It solves the problems of copyright confirmation, rights protection, and management, improving the efficiency of royalty payment, and protecting the rights and interests of musicians. The purpose is to achieve the decentralization of classical music royalties.

KOLO. The market incorporates the idea of ​​web3.0 so that fans are no longer just givers but also get rewards when supporting their favorite musicians, which undoubtedly creates a sustainable and healthier new model.

The platform releases 1 Music NFT about every seven days, and for each release, 60,000 KOLO will be injected into the Listen-To-Earn pool. 1/50 of the Listen-To-Earn pool is extracted every 24 hours (the minimum threshold is 1000) and distributed to players who own the Music NFT compilation according to the “Collectible Value” proportion. 60% of the total issuance of KOLO will be generated through Listen-To-Earn

Here KOLO is in circulation, with a 53.5% significant increase on the 11th of May. As the market goes down, the only one that goes against the trend is KOLO, which continues to grow. People can trade Kolo.Market on Uniswap (Polygon). Let’s say users want to buy or sell Kolo. Uniswap (Polygon) is the most active exchange now. 

Even though the company is barely any months old, KOLO.Market has already received some interest for investors. Last week, KOLO announced that it had raised a seed round from an investor. KOLO.Market is the first classical music NFT platform to be funded and fostered by a New York Stock Exchange-listed firm. The project’s founding teams include members of well-known blockchain enterprises and international music groups.

KOLO has reported success, as evidenced by artists who have collectively earned from NFT sales. The platform is now recognized as one of the first NFT platforms launched in 2021, selling over 11,000 non-fungible tokens and building a community of over 45,000 users. Users can invest in their visions and be in the front row to receive their reward with KOLO NFT. NFTs have sparked a lot of interest recently, with some selling for six to seven figures and then reselling for much more. It makes these an excellent investment for investors.

For more inquiries, check the link below.

Link to the brand website: https://www.kolo.market/

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