Moonbirds, CryptoPunks NFTs and will lead the metaverse space

It seems obvious that Mark Zuckerberg and crypto enthusiasts have one thing in common: they both love the metaverse. In contrast, their conception of the metaverse may be completely different, which might have significant ramifications for the financial technology industry and other forms of electronic commerce. As a 3D virtual environment, the metaverse has a long way to go before it becomes a unified, fully immersive virtual reality that people can interact with virtually. So, here we look at three companies working to change that, Moonbirds, CryptoPunks, and which is currently in presale and trading up 400%.

Moonbirds now tweeting too

PROOF developed the 10,000-item Moonbirds NFT collection. In March of this year, they joined Twitter for the first time. In April, Moonbirds debuted their primary line, which was an immediate success. First owners of the collection included Beeple and Jimmy Fallon. Entrepreneur Kevin Rose is the brains behind Moonbird’s parent company Proof, a venture capital firm. As he was in the early days of web2, he has been a major proponent of web3.

Currently, OpenSea’s floor price for a Moonbirds NFT is 26.5 ETH, and there was 141.8k volume moved in the last week of May. Since the project’s inception, it has fluctuated between 18.45 and 38.5 ETH.

CryptoPunks has high-profile clients

It’s hard to believe, but in 2017, CryptoPunks was given away for free. The Larva Labs two-person team launched the non-fungible ERC-721 tokens as an experiment because Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard wasn’t even in existence at the time. The 9,000 CryptoPunks that Larva Labs made available to the public were quickly snapped up by Ethereum wallet owners, with the remaining 9,000 remaining in their possession.

In addition to being one of the oldest NFT projects, CryptoPunks is the first random profile photo generator to genuinely resonate with the crypto community. Each new set of profile photo NFT sets, from Bored Ape Yacht Club to Doodles and many others only strengthen the influence and legacy of its source project. Jay-Z, Logan Paul, and Serena Williams are just a few of the high-profile owners of CryptoPunks.

Chronoly (CRNO), not your ordinary, everyday token

Chronoly (CRNO) is doing two remarkable things simultaneously: first of all, they have created a cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace that is actually backed by a real-world valuable asset. Secondly, they have found an extremely clever way of disrupting (in a good way) and democratizing the exclusive, high-end watch market.

Everyone knows that watches by creators such as Richard Mille and Rolex can cost the GDP of a small country. In fact, as of mid-2022, the global market in precious watches is worth a staggering $64 billion. Furthermore, that value is increasing year-on-year as investors looking for a secure store of wealth buy into this chic and swanky market. However, for most mere mortals the thought of owning a Rolex is beyond their wildest dreams, not to mention their modest resources. has found a way to solve that problem. They did this by representing the watch as an NFT which is then broken down into fractions that can be purchased for a sum of money as low as $10. That fractional NFT can then be traded or used as collateral for borrowing. See, in effect, it’s like owning the real asset digitally.

When Chronoly (CRNO) opened for presale at the beginning of May, the price was just $0.01. Now, as at the time of writing, it is valued at $0.05, a 400% increase. As more and more people become aware of, that price is predicted to increase significantly with some analyst putting a 50x price target on the CRNO token. So, want a Rolex? Here it is. Want a good investment? Look no further.

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