NFT Philanthropy Through Lost Cats NFT

Those who dabbled with NFTs in 2021 had a prosperous year. According to Reuters, sales of NFTs surpassed $25 billion in that single year. It indeed opened chances for artists and organizations all around the globe to earn money. Even when the crypto market plummeted, NFT transactions continued to rise.

As NFTs dominated the news and artists reveled in their new revenue streams, a big trend emerged: charity. In the last year, NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, have generated various options. According to industry researcher DappRadar, sales of NFTs topped $25 billion in 2021. The rise of artwork NFTs have been particularly remarkable. The financial services business FinancePR recently calculated that 257 artists made at least $1 million in the last 30 days by selling NFT artwork. It is also noteworthy that NFT transactions have continued to rise despite recent crypto market declines.

With so much wealth being created in such a short amount of time, people may ask how NFT producers are using these new revenue sources. As sales of nonfungible tokens grow, industry analysts feel that NFT altruism is becoming a prominent trend.

We recommend selling your NFTs and donating the proceeds to a cryptocurrency-friendly organization, such as Lost Cats. Check out the Lost Cats Limited NFT Collection. Through the sale of digital art on the Solana blockchain, the earnings from this collection will be donated to assist needy feline fur babies. This initiative is infused with genuine concern for the group’s affection for cats.

Tens of millions of feral cats depend on humans for food and shelter, and their friendliness varies from genuinely unsocialized wild cats to friendly lost or abandoned strays. Every cat deserves a life without hunger or thirst, fear, anguish, discomfort, suffering, injury, or illness, and it is our job to care for cats at risk for these conditions. Regardless of whether they are owned or not, outdoor cats are the primary source of cat overpopulation in communities and pose a conservation risk to at least certain kinds of animals.

The group has spent a great deal of time and energy searching for groups that can aid the global Lost Cats community. To enhance the lives of cats, the organization prioritizes innovative initiatives to safely catch and provide shelter and scientific and medical efforts to keep these creatures healthy.

The Lost Cats movement is still in its infancy, but it is gradually gathers traction. All that is required is a few more excellent individuals in the community to help keep things rolling and spread positive energy.

Traditional charity and crypto philanthropy are vastly apart. We have noticed a rise in “intentional charitable giving” due to the current generation’s emphasis on maximizing their impact on causes they care greatly about. Today, you have the opportunity to give and make a difference not only via conventional ways but also through NFTs.

NFTs provide several opportunities. It is not simply to sell and purchase artwork, and it is not just to earn a fortune from a Bored Ape or Metaverse real estate. Also, organizations, donors, and communities can reduce poverty, promote decent education, and empower girls and women. This is an excellent method for reaching the kids and attracting a whole new audience. In addition, the nature of blockchain technology enables community members to see precisely where their contributions are going, which encourages confidence.

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