Reddit’s Collectible Avatars NFTs Fetch High Prices On OpenSea

The Polygon-based “Collectible Avatars” NFT of Reddit is fetching high prices on the OpenSea beating the platform’s own store. Since August 20, sales of “The Senses” NFTs have brought in a total of 15 ETH on Polygon, or $25,000. 

The Mouths #12 was sold for 1.377 Polygon-bridged ETH ($333), making it the most valuable NFT in the collection yet.

The Natsukashii, Celestial Assembly and Wearing Your Emotions collections are gradually witnessing trading activity. In terms of Polygon-bridged sales, they represent 3.7 ETH, 2.4 ETH and 1.5 ETH respectively.

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NFTs listed in the store for $50 or more are no longer available, and the NFTs ranging from $5 to $49 are still available. Even if their price ranges are substantially higher than their initial Reddit listings, these more pricey avatars are still accessible on OpenSea.

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