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The cryptocurrency market climate is harsh, and there have inevitably been some price casualties as a result. Not all projects are succumbing to this trend however: Hot new project Uniglo has felt the success of a 55% price boost already in presale due to high demand from buyers. Perhaps it’s time to consider switching out some of the more sluggish performers in your portfolio.

Introducing Uniglo, a multi-asset backed token that is community driven. GLO holders vote on what assets to hold in the Uniglo Vault, and there is an incredible choice on offer. This is because the Vault will not only hold digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs, but also real-world assets like gold, classic cars, and antiques. The price of native token GLO will therefore be upheld by both volatile and stable appreciation based on the broad spectrum of assets held. GLO will be hugely deflationary, taking advantage of the Ultra-Burn mechanics which will underpin the floor price of the token. Users may also vote to buy and burn GLO. Uniglo has seen impressive interest in its early days, indicating lots of cash will be flowing into the treasury, ready for purchasing assets. As Uniglo is still in presale, now is the ideal time to get involved before the project naturally sees gains from its hefty Vault. Those who committed early on have already seen massive profits. 


Zcash uses advanced cryptographic technology to conceal data via zero-knowledge proofs, which guarantee the validity of payments without revealing any information regarding sender, recipient or transaction amount. Thus, although transactions are published on a public blockchain, these details are not available. While lots of users enjoy this feature, it has caused some controversy in the sense that it may be taken advantage of by fraudsters. Native token ZEC was delisted by exchange giant Huobi Global last month for this very reason. 


Solana is a general-purpose blockchain and rival to Ethereum. While it has launched several developments recently, it is struggling against tough market trends. SOL is down 7% this week and a shocking 84% from last year. 


Cryptocurrency investors have unfortunately seen astonishing value wiped from their accounts as a result of the recent bear market, but this need not be the case for every project in your portfolio. There are some excellent opportunities to be had if you choose wisely. Experts deduced that Uniglo has a promising future, and it has already performed well. Now is the perfect time to get involved before the presale ends.

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