Selfie.Live connects music star Lee Brice, to launch his tour NFTs

New Delhi: Selfie.Live, a mobile app that allows fans to upload selfies with celebrities and receive a digitally signed photo as an NFT, has partnered with music star Lee Brice to create special fan memories while on tour.
The app, which is available on iOS and Google Play, features fans uploading Lee Brice or concert selfies and Brice uses the entertainer version where he can digitally autograph photos from anywhere.
Most recently, the app helped connect Lee to his Santa Claus Uber Driver who is the inspiration behind the music star’s Christmas hit, ‘Santa Claus Was My Uber Driver’.
Months later, during the initial launch of Selfie.Live, Brice noticed a familiar fan photo uploaded to the Selfie.Live app’ it was a picture of the red Hyundai with the 1SANTA1 license plate.
The Santa Uber driver heard about the Selfie.Live launch on social media and submitted the photo despite not being present. The photo was then signed by Brice and listed as an NFT on Opensea.
Lee Brice is among celebrities to use Selfie.Live to catalog and autograph fan photos while on tour. The app provides a soft entry point into NFTs and blockchain for both celebrities and their fans.

Future collaborations will include athletes, artists, musicians, actors and more, allowing each creative to engage directly with fans at their convenience. The NFTs are minted by Butterfly Protocol smart contracts, run on Polygon.
Users simply take a photo at a live event or encounter with their favorite celebrity via the fan app. The celebrity then receives the photo through the celebrity app while the fan receives an autographed NFT directly to their NFT wallet.
The protocol makes it possible for each celebrity to have their own web3 address, similar to a web domain, phone number or email, that identifies and organizes their fan photos.

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