Solana Brings Blockchain Developer Community to Barcelona on Hacker House European Tour

The Solana Foundation will host a Hacker House in Barcelona.

The Solana Foundation is hosting conferences across Europe. The Barcelona Hacker House unites blockchain and crypto developers from around the world in June.

BARCELONA, SPAIN, June 21, 2022 / — The Solana Foundation has gathered dozens of coding teams in Barcelona for an international blockchain conference. The event, known as a Hacker House will be open from June 22nd until June 26th at Utopia 126, an art deco warehouse space for creatives located in the heart of Barcelona.

For the last year, Solana has been hosting Hacker Houses around the world in locations across the world that include Miami, Tokyo, and Bengaluru. In the next leg of the conference series, Solana will be setting up a half-dozen Hacker Houses across Europe throughout the summer.

The Solana Foundation Will Attract Thousands of Developers to European Cities This Summer

The Solana Hacker House European tour kicked off in London on June 14th and lasted until June 18th. The event was held at the renovated industrial complex known as 150 Brick Lane and was attended by several hundred people representing dozens of projects building decentralized applications (dApps) on Solana.

Solana plans on repeating the success of the London Hacker House as it draws the network’s community to Barcelona. The event schedule is filled with a week of forums, panels, and mentoring sessions where up-and-coming developers can learn from experts in the field.

In addition to having events scheduled from morning to night, Utopia 126 will be outfitted with tables covered in big-screen monitors and high-speed internet access, transforming the spacious culture center into a blockchain co-working space for several days.

The Barcelona Hacker House Focuses on Developing Blockchain Communities on Solana

A major focus of the Barcelona Hacker House will be building network effects around Solana’s emerging technology. There will be panels titled “How to Start a Solana Community from 0 to 1” and “Organizing and Optimizing a Community” in conjunction with networking events for projects to meet and greet.

Marius Ciubotariu, the Co-Founder and Team Leader of Hubble Protocol, commented on the community-building effects of Solana’s conferences by saying, “Attending Solana Hacker Houses is an out-of-this-world experience. Most of the people you meet at these events are spread out all over the world working at their computers. Talking shop about blockchain, decentralized finance, and NFTs with the everyone working behind the scenes is incredible.”

Ciubotariu continued by saying, “When you spend all day coding and jumping from Zoom meeting to meeting, you sometimes forget how many people are out there building on Solana. When you get a ton of these developers together at a Hacker House, and a lot of them are brand new to the network, it’s hard not to be bullish on the future of Solana. There are a lot of big ideas brewing in those rooms.”

Blockchain Developers and the Crypto Community Build the Future of Distributed Networks at Hacker Houses

The future of distributed networks and the emergence of Web3 has become a hot topic in tech. Big names in venture capital have contributed billions of dollars in funding behind projects building dApps on blockchain networks, and many of these teams will be meeting up and working together in Barcelona until the end of June.

At the 2021 Breakpoint conference, which was held in Lisbon as Solana’s first international conference, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian pledged $100 million to help build Web3 social media applications on the network. In November, Solana will hold another Breakpoint conference in Lisbon following a trail of community building and educational efforts across Europe.

The Solana Foundation will host the next run of European Hacker Houses in Paris, Stockholm, Belgrade, Budapest, and Krakow. Registration is required to enter each event; however, walkups can sign up for each conference in person while the Hacker Houses are running.

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