Solana (SOL) investors bullish for the future, investors scramble to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) for 6000% presale gains

Solana investors are keen to see some bullish momentum in 2023 as the token has struggled in recent months from an all-time high of $260.06 to just over $13.6 Many believe that the new year will herald some positive price action for Solana. Orbeon Protocol is in Phase 3 of its presale and investors are switching for 6000% presale gains.


Is Solana Overdue For Some Good News?

Solana investors have lost billions as the coin’s value continues to drop. At a current market cap of about $5B, experts believe the future of Solana is positive due to its possible developments in 2023. Solana was once famed as the “Ethereum Killer” now manages to stay at the 16th position. It appears the community has recognized that despite Solana’s shortcomings, it is not intended to kill Ethereum as it offers alternative benefits with a thriving NFT marketplace.

Can Solana still achieve its all-time high value? These questions continue to trail the minds of investors and crypto experts.


Investors are switching to Orbeon Protocol for 6000% presale gains

Orbeon Protocol is one of the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platforms that opens up the venture capital market to everyone, even the everyday investor. Investors don’t have to worry about insider information or restricted access to investing opportunities because it is all open to everyone on the platform, while startups can use this expansive community to raise funds more efficiently than ever before.

Investors can back and invest in brands they trust with as low as $1 using equity NFTs which have been fractionalized. Businesses and startups can raise capital and provide real-life rewards for loyal customers, effectively engaging your community.

Till the presale period ends in January 2023, the ORBN token will be on sale. Investors are highly interested to see what the future holds for this ground-breaking new initiative because it is expected that the price of ORBN will climb by a staggering 6000% once the presale closes. Orbeon Protocol presents an emerging opportunity for 60x returns with its ORBN token at a presale price of only $0.0302.

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