Space Cadets NFT – It’s More than Art

Space Cadets is a revolutionary collection of 10,000 mutated astronaut NFTs.
Space Cadets will be deployed and function on the Ethereum blockchain. These
space-fairing NFTs will initially be available for mint via our website and trade on
Opensea. With more than 350 hand drawn traits, each unique NFT is the key to
unlock an incredible community, astronomical utility, and cosmic events. But what
does that mean?

The first thing that draws us into a project: the art. Once we see how much time
and care go into an NFT project, the community comes together and gets excited
for the day we all get to own a small piece of a much bigger mission. It’s like
unwrapping a secret box and own a piece of art with one of thousands of unique
combinations packed with features and attributes.

Beyond The Art

This NFT is our ticket to something bigger. It represents tickets to
experiences, both in real life and digitally. Once merchandise unlocks, we can wear
our cadets proudly and continue building a community outside of the digital space.
Space Cadets is a project is devoted to community, and we’re giving back to both
the community itself and donating money to prominent organizations that reflect
what it means to be a Space Cadet and our push into the technological future.

We’re helping create value beyond art, and we’re launching Daily Income from Day
1. Daily income is collected via a 5% creator royalty, with 40% of that being
converted to polygon and distributed to holders via an airdrop. An automatic
reward for our community is important and it’s just the beginning. As we continue
beyond phase 1 and offer special AirDrops, Phase 2 Cadets and more, the Daily
Income perk will continue to benefit all holders over time. This is one of the many
attributes that helps us keep and grow a thriving community of Space Cadets .

About Us: Space Cadets was created by a devoted and passionate team of digital
pioneers. With an all-star team of entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, marketing
specialists, and a “Looney” Artist, we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge
project and making this collection a household name in the NFT space.

Join us on Discord: SpaceCadetsNFT
Follow us on Twitter: SpaceCadetsNFT
Follow us on Instagram: SpaceCadetsNFT
Become a Space Cadet on April 30th.

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