Stay At The Top Of The Coin Market During This Christmas When You Buy Solana, Big Eyes Coin, and Cryptoons

Stay At The Top Of The Coin Market During This Christmas When You Buy Solana, Big Eyes Coin, and Cryptoons

by December 6, 2022

The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to rapid changes. What’s trending today may begin to dip the next day. You’ll need to stay up to date with what’s going on in the market space to get the best out of it. This may sound easy, but it’s far from it. Staying on top of market trends means being able to follow news about the crypto space constantly. It’s especially difficult due to the heavy FOMO that’s associated with the Christmas period


If you wish to learn in-depth details about digital assets to buy this Christmas, this piece is a great place to start. We’ll discuss the best cryptocurrencies to purchase to stay at the ecosystem’s top. You’ll learn something useful and hopefully spot the next big crypto coin. 


Solana (SOL): The Potential Ethereum Killer

Solana is a cryptocurrency that’s spoken about only in rarefied circles. They believe tokens, such as Solana, are the natural replacement for Ethereum. That’s why you may often find Solana being referred to as an Ethereum killer. Another unique thing to note about Solana is that the platform has properties similar to Ethereum. Yes, it can create smart contracts on its blockchain. And these contracts will be used to support decentralized applications.


Because of Solana’s additional ability to process transactions faster than Ethereum, many projects are migrating to its blockchain. Today, there’s a constantly increasing number of projects available on Solana. Each of them offers traders something different. Many developers have clearly said that their favorite feature about this platform is its instant transaction finally and low transaction cost.


Before the coin market collapse, Solana was doing well. Many believe the project will pick up from where it left off after the bear season.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG): A Cat-Theme Meme Coin

Big Eyes is an intriguing crypto token, and because of its meme features would make a great token to buy during the Christmas festive season. Big Eyes will champion the spirit of giving by transferring DeFi wealth to different users. This cat-themed cryptocurrency will create an active community of users and is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially as it moves through the stages of its presale.


Cryptoons (CTOON): Graphic Novels Meet Crypto

When blockchain technology was discovered, many experts explained that this innovative network would be helpful in almost every aspect of life. Projects like Cryptoons are a clear example of this statement coming to life. Cryptoons don’t focus on creating a store of value or network for token transfer. Instead, this blockchain would create an ecosystem for manga, comics and webtoons worldwide. It would be a one-stop hub to bring the joy of graphic novels and comics to everyone.

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Cryptoons’ blockchain will contain two main products – NFT factory and Comic launchpad. These projects will endear users to this project in different ways. The NFT factory will be this platform’s NFT center. This ecosystem will have a detailed roadmap that will control the activities of the NFT factory. The first thing to note about the NFT factory is that it will be divided into three sections. There will be a section for creators, buyers, and sellers. Creators will convert their virtual manga or webtoons to NFT.


Cryptoons will only allow original creators to upload their content on the platform. You’ll have to be able to prove you created the manga to transform them into NFTs. Buyers can purchase whatever NFT they want from the NFT factory. Anyone who purchases an NFT from this platform would also have the chance to sell their tokens on the platform. The seller will sell the NFT at a higher price, and the original creator will also receive some of the sales money.


On the other hand, the comic launchpad will allow users and comic lovers to work together to create unique projects.  Here, you’ll find comics, manga, and webtoon projects. To be a part of the comic launchpad, you’d need to register on the platform. Cryptoons is set to do well because it would be a community of users that understand the industry well.


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