The 6 Best Crypto Projects for Long-Term Returns

The cryptocurrency market has been going through the wringer recently, with another tough bear market over the last year. One criticism we could perhaps level at crypto investors is the desire to “get rich quick” and chase too many questionable projects. 

But with patience and sound analysis, it is still definitely possible to uncover future gems in the digital asset world. It is also important to have some diversification in different sectors. Read on to find out the 6 best crypto projects for long-term gains.

1. Metacade – Best Prospects for Long-Term Gains

Metacade is a new community-driven Web3 project for gamers and developers. The project is tapping into the red-hot play-to-earn gaming sector with its ultimate goal – to build an all-inclusive, metaverse virtual arcade. Metacade will add to their platform’s experience with Metagrants to reward the best developers through a create-to-earn model. 

Gamers will also have the chance to test and review games before they are added to the arcade’s library. This will all be backed up by the MCADE token, presenting possibilities for both governance and passive returns through staking – whereby investors can earn a share of the project revenues. The coin will also give access to prizes and tournaments.

We’ve placed Metacade at the top of this list of best long-term crypto because it will greatly reward those with patience. The first stage in the roadmap is to attract a vibrant community of skilled developers and gamers. As they collaborate to build a multi-game arcade, it will open the door to a full play-to-earn and create-2-earn ecosystem with exposure to the metaverse. The virtual world will be about interaction and an arcade theme will appeal to casual and serious gamers alike. The chance to earn and be part of the development only adds to the experience. The MCADE token is currently in presale and investors should get on board before they list on large exchanges.

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