The best NFT marketplaces you should know

The best NFT marketplaces can be the difference between you selling a new piece of art or finding a create new project to collect. NFT marketplaces are also not simply stores to buy and sell digital art but a doorway into a community of passionate artists and collectors.

To find the best NFT marketplace for you means considering the fees you’ll be charged, the kind of art that is sold – does it match your style? – and even the blockchain and cryptocurrency that will be used. There are many to pick from, and we have a guide to NFT crypto that can help. Most NFT marketplaces use Ethereum but some are opting for the cheaper gas fees (which you have to pay to create your NFT) and better carbon footprint offered by newer blockchains.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just NFT-curious, one of these marketplaces should suit your needs

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