The First City Built on Blockchain, Its pre-sale is already open and its launch will take place on October 8th.

While bitcoin is going through a moment of sharp devaluation, thousands of investors are rushing to buy the cryptocurrency that could grow over 50,000% in the coming months.

Investors who like cryptocurrencies with high valuation power are optimistic about the launch of CryptoVille, the first city built on Binance’s Blockchain (BSC) that allows its unique entrepreneurial residents to earn passive income according to their ventures and activities. They will be able to buy the city’s real estate (NFT) such as banks, gyms, supermarkets, shopping centers, stores, power and telephone companies, workshops, churches, and everything else that exists in a city. These properties (NFT) generate daily profits according to their class and location in the city.

The entire evolution of the city will be the result of the ideas of its residents, who will be able to send their suggestions to be implemented in the city (read on to understand better).


The city has its own cryptocurrency (CVLC) which is the first DeFi (Decentralized Finance) cryptocurrency on the Binance (BSC) network that unites today’s biggest markets in the world’s largest decentralized exchange (Pancakeswap) with instant profits for users’ metamask, trustwallet, coinbase wallets and walletconnect.


The best time to buy a cryptocurrency is during its pre-sale, but this opportunity is exclusive to a group of attentive investors who usually make large profits. These people will also be the first to have access to the city and all the profit opportunities that this new market offers.

The opportunity to buy cryptovillecoin (CVLC) at the price 16.6% below the official launch price that takes place on October 8 at Pancakeswap opened on October 1. And it will also be listed on Coinmarketcap and other specialized sites in the coming weeks.


There are only 10,000,000 (10 million) CVLC at an estimated price of $0.006 each. Purchases must be made exclusively at BNB via invitations. That is, only those who have an invitation can make a purchase. To receive an invitation you must join the exclusive CryptoVille group on Telegram (

BIG PROFIT POTENTIAL Soon after the official 7-day pre-sale, CVLC will be listed on PANCAKE SWAP, the world’s largest decentralized exchange, with 16.6% immediate profit over the pre-sale price, in addition to the expected valuation for the coming months that can exceed 50,000% due to market growth and marketing actions of the CryptoVille community that grows exponentially every day and already has people in 54 countries.


→ Minimum purchase of 0.1 BNB→ Maximum of 5 BNB per account.→ You can buy more by creating new accounts in your wallet.


24 hours after the end of the pre-sale, the buyer can request on the website to receive their CritoVille coins (CVLC) directly into their metamask wallet, trustwallet, coinbase or walletconnect.


After receiving the CryptoVille Coins (CVLC), the buyer can go to and purchase a Business Box to start being part of CryptoVille as an entrepreneur and receive their passive profits in addition to the appreciation of their CVLC.

When your guests, who participated in the pre-sale, purchase your Business Box, you will receive affiliate program commissions instantly in your CriptoVille account.


These are boxes that contain a Business (NFT) that generates daily profits for the owner. A Business Box can contain a class A, B or C NFT that can be located in an upper class, commercial, commercial, residential or suburban area.

The higher the class of an NFT and the better its location, the more profits it generates, the more valuable it becomes, and the more profit its owner makes.

The entire CryptoVille economy, as well as payments and profits, come from sales, rents, services, transaction fees, validation pools and smart contract liquidity pools on the BSC Blockchain and paid in CryptoVilleCoins (CVLC). A self-sustaining and profitable economy.


→ Phase 1: Exclusive pre-sale

From October 1 to October 7, exclusive pre-sale of the CVLC cryptocurrency through invitations to a limited number of people through the website:

→ Phase 2: Official launch

Official launch for the cryptocurrency marketplace at Pancakeswap and official opening of the CryptoVille city (Beta version) for its entrepreneurial “residents”.

→ Phase 3: Launch of the Stalking and Prediction system

Staking is the act of preventing the use of the CVLC to receive a Business Box as a reward.

Prediction is the act of being among the winners of online surveys and contests held at CryptoVille.

→ Phase 4: Market Place System LaunchYou will be able to buy and sell developments (NFT) at the price you want through the exclusive CriptoVille Market Place.

→ Phase 5: Pre-launch CriptoVille Resort

The project to create (buy or build) a CriptoVille Resort in a tourist region of the world that allows its participants to earn passive income from the daily rates paid by guests will be voted on by the community of CriptoVille entrepreneurs. All accomplished through transactions with CVLC.


Launch of CryptoVille, the first city built on the Binance network (BSC) with its own cryptocurrency and exclusive opportunity for its residents to earn passive income by owning businesses in the city. And all the city’s evolution will be the result of the ideas of its residents, who will be able to send their suggestions to be implemented in the city.

How to participate

By receiving an invitation through the official Telegram group

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