The Metriverse

Coming soon from the team at Metrix Coin is their newest platform release, MetriVerse. MetriVerse will be the first NFT marketplace available on the MRX network. The MRX network is a wonderful alternative to other major blockchains as it offers reliability, low costs per transaction, and fast speeds. Creating collections for the network will be an easy choice for those wanting to pick a chain to build on. MetriVerse will be easy to use as well for the collector, rivalling other major marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden. Earlier in 2021, the team at Metrix released their web3 wallet, MetriMask. This wallet functions similarly to Phantom or MetaMask, allowing the user to connect their wallet to MetriVerse and go about doing their buying and selling of their favourite collection pieces deployed on the Metrix network. Simple to navigate and view pieces, MetriVerse will also offer Virtual Reality compatible viewing for collections that include these VR pieces. The Metrix team has seen some of the sneak peeks of these VR collections, and they are fantastic!

Additionally, Metrix has been a long-time partner with Space Cadets, and in this partnership, the team at Space Cadets will include Metrix traits in their upcoming collection deployed on the Ethereum Network minting April 30th. The bonus of either minting or buying one of these Cadets with a Metrix trait is that it will gain holders access to a free Space Cadet companion NFT which will be deployed and function on the Metrix network. The cross-chain Space Cadets collection is hugely anticipated from the NFT community, To get a sneak peek of how the upcoming Space Cadets will look with branded Metrix traits, join the Space Cadets Discord today.

Look out for the release of MetriVerse in the coming months from Metrix Coin, and join their Discord and Twitter for announcements as they get closer to launch!

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