These three cryptocurrencies are ready to restore dignity to the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin, Chainlink, and Moshnake

As the term “cryptocurrency” begins to take commonplace in the financial world, its visitors and users continue to multiply in number. Therefore, it takes more seriously dedicated crypto projects like Moshnake (MSH) to capture and maintain crypto users’ attention, affairs, and desires. We will look at the three cryptocurrencies on the checklist to bring back integrity and dignity to the crypto world.

Bitcoin is one big voice of the crypto environment

Sometimes you never know how much progress you might have covered till you count how many haters are on you. Now, Imagine a scene where a mouse sends out a note of threat to a polar bear about choosing between fleeing the wild or being butchered. As insane as that sounds, there are crypto projects that rise from the ashes every single moment with the crippling idea of outperforming the master itself, Bitcoin (BTC). It’s very funny when it comes to their nicknames; you could find names like Bitcoin Killer, Bitcoin Punisher and more, and Bitcoin Assassin, among others.

Still, the fact remains that Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most-established cryptos every living trader should give in to as it persists as a very accessible and versatile currency in the cryptocurrency market. Also, Bitcoin (BTC) can be used as payment fees to purchase goods and services globally from the list of platforms accepting it.

The link between traders and their happiness is Chainlink

Balance is a fundamental factor in the cryptocurrency world, and if a crypto project misses out on it, the price might be paid as a heavy loss. With a proper grasp of this idea, Chainlink (LINK) ventured into striking a balance between its features so that one beneficial outcome doesn’t outweigh another. For a real example, Chainlink (LINK) made its platform an accessible and affordable place to operate in a manner that will never counter good factors like user security and productivity.

Speaking of security, Chainlink (LINK) utilizes a concept called Chainlink Verifiable Random (VRF), which enables smart contracts and transactions to stay secured and verified. The Chainlink (LINK) development team is continually updating the Chainlink VRF feature for several improvements, including the ability to handle multiple transactions simultaneously.

Apart from the flourishing relationship with a few blockchain technologies, Chainlink (LINK) has been able to gun down great outcomes by working with the Golang blockchain community, such as leveraging the most deployed version of Ethereum (ETH) to secure a handful amount of prizes for its users.

Moshanke is the true image of gaming

There are key factors that make up a classic gaming project, and such factors should serve as a treasure map when you are in search of a crypto game project worth the while. The foundational factors include robust technology, a network that is super fast and super cheap, connection to Centralized Exchanges (CEX), Connection to prominent blockchain networks, and compatibility with well-established wallets. Surprisingly, Moshanke (MSH) has all of those demands boldly checked off of the list as a reflection of its preparedness for taking over the NFT game space without the blink of an eye.

To settle the factor of connectivity with a prominent blockchain network, Moshnake (MSH) chose the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network, not only for its popularity but for its top-notch personalities such as great community size, cheap transactions, solid support for Game Finance (GameFi), high speed, and more are on the list.

Also, Moshnake (MSH) succeeded in establishing itself on stable wallets such as MetaMask, which is EVM-compatible to offer users a well-versed environment for decentralized operations. Indeed, Moshnake (MSH) is blessed with the key to your crypto dreams. Get on its presale.





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