VIPS Finstock Ally With Legitdoc To Become World’s First Digital Assets Exchange For Issuing Polygon-based Certificates

The well-known digital assets exchange VIPS Finstock has successfully added yet another achievement to its resume. In collaboration with LegitDoc, VIPS Finstock has permanently etched its mark in the world of digital assets. And with that, VIPS Finstock made history by becoming the first digital assets exchange to provide NFT holders with verified blockchain certificates. 

Besides offering its users digital assets exchange services, VIPS Finstock also has a native token called VIPS Token

Digital document standards are now redefined with the unique and groundbreaking blockchain-based platform LegitDoc. LegitDoc has developed a method for creating valid and tamper-proof digital certificates for a variety of uses using the Polygon blockchain. 

The Maharashtra government has been using LegitDoc applications to issue caste certificates and degrees. Additionally, they have distributed approximately 1 lakh blockchain-based diploma certificates to the state’s pupils. 

VIPS Finstock is prepared to assign/issue blockchain certifications in conjunction with LegitDoc. Since LegitDoc is a dApp created on the Polygon blockchain, each of them will be Polygon based. The first purchasers of NFTs on the VIPS Finstock market, instructors using the FinstockLearn platform, and the VIPS Finstock Ambassador will all receive verified blockchain credentials, according to VIPS officials. 

These virtual certificates based on blockchain do more than just confirm the information contained therein. Additionally, they offer total anonymity. But because the data is generated using encryption, it also ensures that there is no possibility that it can be hacked or bought. 

As shown, the live URL to distribute blockchain certificates is only currently accessible through the VIPS Token website. However, rumours have suggested that it will soon go live on the FinstockLearn website and VIPS Finstock exchange. 

Senior VIPS Finstock officials acknowledged having a lengthy conversation with Neil Martis, co-founder and CEO of LegitDoc, when asked. Aniket Patil, CMO of VIPS Finstock, also claimed that his goal in collaborating with LegitDoc was to “change the way certifications are seen, whether they are printed or digital.” Adding on to it, Santosh Kuthe, COO of VIPS Finstock, commented, ‘We desire to take advantage of the chance along with keeping an eye towards discovering all the benefits LegitDoc has to offer.’  

VIPS authorities also claimed that they aim to give their ambassadors and first NFT buyers recognition with a verifiable certificate that is genuinely valuable in today’s society. Additionally, they also want to feature success stories and give sapiens the ability to hold it for a lifetime and beyond with that. 

Mr. Khute also said, ‘His key motivation for partnering with LegitDoc was to give their clients satisfaction and the first-ever tamper-proof, verified digital papers.’  

Talking about future plans of  VIPS Finstock, they look forward to validating its first NFT customers in the market by offering them a blockchain-based certificate, which will allow them to use LegitDoc technology in real-world applications. 

Since NFTs are unique and have some actual worth, it was revealed when VIPS Finstock inquired that these digital documents are initially for first-time NFT customers. Another purpose was to keep a record of it. 

These digital certificates will guarantee that a certain NFT belongs to a specific person and that no one can change it. These documents cannot be changed once they have been received because they are blockchain-based. 

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