Will Big Eyes Coin Be Better Than Past Meme Coins In 2023? An Insight Into Solana And Uniswap

This new wave of technologies has, for real, swept away the conventional industry trends. A dire need to introduce quicker channels is felt, which has turned out to be a nightmare for decades-old mechanized processes. Digital currencies are a newly established concept that stands against the banking culture and its undue dictation over its stakeholders.

Contrarily, the decentralized mode of these cryptocurrencies helps its people decide on their behalf, with nothing to lose. This shift in attitude has made many go for cryptocurrencies. But the most horrible blunder that most of us consciously or unconsciously make is that we jump in right away with no research at all.

This is where we help you and direct you to the concepts that potentially will thrive in 2023. Our list starts with the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – the sensation of the meme world.

Big Eyes Coin Vs. Other Meme Currencies

To many, memes are nothing but the laughing stock for a burst of temporary laughter. This was true a decade ago, but in the recent 3-4 years, the odds significantly have shifted their sides. Now, we’ve tangible examples of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, and these meme currencies became huge successes with more than a 5000% surge in price in a couple of days. This is where the actual potential was realized, and people jumped onto this bandwagon.

There’s another side of the story that most of us never look into, and it’s the fact that these currencies were merely supported, or the other way said, the pillars on which they were purely based had little to no strength. The projects fell flat right before the community that held it high for months. At that point, creators sat down to deliberate on building a concept that could sustain this cut-throat competition without a push from external means.

To fill this vacuum, the idea of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) was made to cover the aspects that previously were not met in these meme coins. One of the evident reasons for those failed setups was that those currencies had little to no value to add to the lives of their stakeholders. All they had to rely on was the market sentiments, with nothing for them where they could share their input or leverage the platform. The trade charts defined their fate, and this was something that could never attract the masses. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) stepped in with a relatively different approach.

For instance, it right away announced that it’ll engage the NFT community and will push people to create their art, and the platform will help them display them. This activity alone did set a tone for the right attitude at the very beginning, and it clearly showed the community that it’s they whom the network will prioritize over anything. The idea was to make them realize that they would be given due attention, and the rest just followed.

To familiarize yourself with what Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has got for you, head to the links below.

Solana: Offers Space To Entrepreneurs

​Solana (SOL) is a platform that provides space for decentralized applications. For emerging entrepreneurs or developers, it’s the best place to be – it can help you expose yourself to the public with a solid network on your back.

Uniswap: An Open-Source Channel

UniSwap (UNI) is an open-source channel that allows people from anywhere in the world from any background to copy the code and create their blockchain.

This truly decentralizes the idea of power and authority. Hence, it’s never a bad option to opt for such currencies.


Use the code for a BIG bonus: BIGG3953

For more information on Big Eyes Coin (BIG), you can visit the following links:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL



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